Hibiki Kawamata Fujita, Ph.D.

I have a long-lasting interest in pathogenic mechanisms of ALS, particularly from the angle of mitochondrial involvement (bioenergetic impairments, calcium dysregulation, protein import defects). Genetic mutations in CHCHD10, a mitochondrial protein with still unknown function, is associated with familial ALS and mitochondrial myopathies. CHCHD10 mutations have become a recent focus of our laboratory. I am especially interested in the processes of mutant protein aggregation and its downstream metabolic effects, as well as therapies to tackle these problems through metabolic and pharmaceutical interventions.   

Active Funding:
Muscular Dystrophy Association MDA

Genetic and metabolic strategies for mutant CHCHD10 neuromuscular disorders 


Project ALS/NextGen ALS 2021-01 

Pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic strategies for CHCHD10 ALS 


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